One of my favorite baby finds thus far, is the Phil & Ted’s Lobster Portable High Chair. In fact, I love the chair so much, I have two – one I keep in the house and one I keep in my car to take on the go.

img_2884I first discovered the claw while dining at one of our fave burger joints, HopDoddy in Fashion Island. When they showed us to our table, I was a little nervous putting Ryder in the chair for fear of the whole thing would fall from the table, but they assured me it was safe and secure (the website says it’s safe for use up to 37 pounds). They were right. Not only was it safe, Ryder loved it. It’s much more snug and form fitting than a traditional restaurant high chair, which he seems to climb out despite being strapped in. I loved our first experience with the claw so much, by the end of our meal I had ordered one of our very own, thank you, Amazon Prime.
It’s perfect for households like ours, where we dine as a family at a bar height kitchen island. Prior to the claw, we had to pull up a traditional high chair close by and I would either hop on and off my bar stool to feed Ryder each bite, or eat my meal standing up. It wasn’t the ideal family dinner setting we wanted to model for Ryder. Since the lobster claw hangs on the actual island or table top, its the perfect solution for non-traditional dining arrangements, like ours.


In addition to being more functional for our needs, the claw is much more aesthetically pleasing than having a big clunky high chair stashed in the corner. Because it doesn’t have legs, it doesn’t really take up too much usable space. The nice thing about it folding up so compact, as I mention below, is when we have a dinner party or event where we need more space, the claw can be put on, taken off and stored away in just a few seconds.
Taking the claw on the go is simple. It’s lightweight, weighing in at 3.9 pounds. It also folds up super compact and comes with it’s own 14 x 4 x 3 carrying case, making it simple to go from car, to stroller, to dining. The clamps are adjustable and quickly tighten to fit table thickness, so you can use it in a variety of places. While we use the claw most of the time while dining out, there are some tables not suitable for attachment, such as glass, folding or a single pedestal table. Reading the manual will help familiarize users with which tables are not compatible.

I’ve saved the best for last – Cleaning the claw is a breeze. I say that with so much joy, seeing as though Ryder had terrible acid reflux the first year of his life and cleaning our original high chairs (yes, we had multiple) took over an hour. Not the most exciting thing while juggling a baby. On the claw, the whole fabric part slides off  and can be popped into the washing machine and the frame can be rinsed in the sink or simply wiped down with a wet towel. This makes life so much easier – especially while Ryder was learning how to use utensils and most of his meal ended up in his lap (or chair).


And there you have it – my love confession for the Phil & Ted’s Lobster High Chair. Let me know how you like yours.



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