A Letter To My One Year Old

Dear Ryder,
Words cannot describe my wonderment, my gratitude, my worth, my experience, my everything: because of you.
Your Daddy and I feel so blessed that we were chosen to guide you in this world. You have given us so much in this past year.
Thank you for my self discovery and growth.
Thank you for teaching me patience.
Thank you for teaching me to be ok with change.
Thank you for teaching me life doesn’t have to revolve around a tight schedule (and proving it also works best with one.)
Thank you for creating an outlet for me to build an even tighter bond with my own mommy.
Thank you for letting me fall even more in love with your Daddy as I watch him be an incredible father.
Thank you for all the laughter.
Thank you for all of the tears.
Thank you for all the Ryder and Mommy selfies.
Thank you for building a bridge, to which I have met incredible women I will always hold dear to my heart.
Thank you for challenging me.
Thank you for reminding me of what truly matters in this world.
Thank you.


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